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Title: Revelation???....?
Post by: Colin2000 on Jan 30 2015 08:40:29 PM
Hi All,

Revelation, what does this mean???....?

What is the difference between Christianity and the other world religions?  Surely it must be that our GOD is a God of revelation, He and only He can reveal Himself to us, we do not go looking for Him, He comes looking for us. The Shepherd comes looking for His sheep.

Why does He bother???....?

Because He loves you and I, yes it is personal, He touches His Children, covers them with His Blood for He has been revealed to be worthy, He has sacrificed Himself in Human form, that of Jesus Christ our Saviour!!!....!  Jesus, John, John.1:1-5 ESV.

No other religion other than Christianity has ever been able to say that not by good works but by His Blessed Grace and favour our we Saved.

Yours in His Everlovingtenderkindness,


PS.  Time to put meat onto the bone perhaps, The Bread of life, it is found in the Word of Holy Scripture, I will leave you folks to start with the Bible Quotes???....?

PPS.  How does it go?

He touched me,
He touched me,
And Oh the joy that fills my soul.
Something happened and now I know, 
He touched me and made me whole.

Not folks by my worldly human wisdom, but by The Blood.