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Title: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: Colin2000 on May 27 2012 06:58:43 AM
Hi All,

Out of the blue I find myself standing again expecting the Latter day Rains!  To see Jesus in them too!

Pentcost is with us and The Fire of the LORD is remembered in Upper-room but no it did not happen just in the Upper-room but the Happening happened when the Church went out into the streets and byeways in Jerusalem taking with them the Fire of The LORD Himself!

"It's just nine o'clock in the morning, these people have not had the time to get drunk with wine etc. yet!"

No the anionting was of Spirit and Fire rather than water!

Water purifies the skin and outer parts of the man or woman who believes,  but Fire, the LORD'S Presence purifies the Soul, the inner part of the person when he believes!

The Latter day rains was never meant to be of water for that is only after the beginning but of Spirit, HolyGhost Presence.

So let His HolyGhost Presence inhabit our souls as we journey through life into the Permanent Presence of The LORD as He inhabits us and burns away the dross by His Presence and Being, Yah, Yahveh, He is found in the wind in The High Place and in The Soul of The Believer too!

Our LORD GOD, Father, Son and HolyGhost Power to be found in The Living Word, Beloved Jesus, Himself!

Yours in Christ,


Title: Re: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: olivet on May 27 2012 12:39:08 PM
There were Jews in Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples gathered in the Upper Room huddled in fear for Jesus had died and had risen 50 days prior and then He had ascended bodily in presence of His followers and Apostles from the Mount of Olives.  Tongues as of fire descended over the band in the Upper Room gently driving them to the Temple Mount where they began to witness in power of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but there were Jews there from many countries speaking many languages.  They were astounded that the Apostles and followers of Jesus were able to tell of this miracle of Jesus in their own languages, or maybe the miracle fell upon the crowd instead who could hear of Jesus in their own language.

Truly the Holy Spirit gave witness to Jesus all fear was gone.  Over whelmed and cringing in fear of the Romans and Chief Priests since the crucifixion, the Apostles and Disciples were unable to stop from witnessing of this Jesus who died and rose from the dead. If fear was gone, so were any doubts for at Pentecost they understood the meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection and proclaimed it boldly.  Yes, the Church was assembled for it's first meeting on the Temple Mount and 3,000 were added that very day! :smitten: :smitten: :hearts11: :hearts11: :fw_7:

Title: Re: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: Colin2000 on Aug 16 2012 05:53:42 AM
Well it could be worse it could be The Days of the Latter Day Saints!

Title: Re: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: Ruth Ann on Aug 16 2012 12:59:11 PM

What do Latter rains mean?

Title: Re: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: a2jgrammy on Aug 16 2012 03:39:48 PM
 Latter rain(HS) is promised to fall so as to equip God's obedient workers with the necessary skills to proclaim the present truth far and wide so as to assure a bountiful harvest for the Lord when He returns seeking His bride.

Title: Re: The Days of the Latter Day Rains!
Post by: Ruth Ann on Aug 17 2012 11:45:44 AM
Thanks for that, Grammy. Is there scripture to say that?

I started looking at rains in scripture. In Joel 2:23, one of the words used for rain can also mean teacher.

The latter rains can mean the water to bring the harvest. The Holy Spirit to bring the seeds we plant to fruition?

And in some places I think it refers to the return of our Lord...